Eyelash extensions

and Tinting.


Before arriving for your appointment:

**Remove Eye Makeup. Makeup close to the eye area must be removed prior to the application process. We recommend using a mild, oil-free cleanser. Avoid oil-based makeup removers.

**Do not apply face creams or sunblock in the eye area. The oil found in many moisturizers prevents eyelash adhesive from bonding to the natural eyelash and reduces the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

**Do not wear mascara. Removing mascara can be very time-consuming and any residual makeup will prevent proper application of the extensions.

**Do not curl your lashes before your appointment. Extensions will not adhere to crimped eyelashes.

**No shampoo on lash for 24 hr after tinting



Before Waxing
While it is recommended that you exfoliate your body regularly (with a body scrub or bath mitt) pre-wax exfoliation should be done 24-48 hours before waxing.

Dry brushing every day in circular motions towards the heart is not just great for keeping the skin soft but it also helps to prevent in-grown hairs.

Taking a bath or shower before your appointment will open up the pores and allow the hairs to come out less painfully. Your therapist will appreciate it too!

Do not use moisturiser or deodorant on underarms or use any product which may cause a barrier to the wax and irritate the skin.

Long hair can be more painful to wax, trimming the hair in the area to be waxed is recommended:

First time clients should have growth of about 1.5cm
Regular waxers can trim a little tighter; between 0.5cm and 1cm

After your wax:
1. Expect the skin to be a little sensitive and red after your first wax. Some experience no redness at all. Others are red for as little as thirty minutes, while those with sensitive skin can feel the effects up to 24-hours post-wax.

2.Avoid Exfoliants, scrubs, and loofahs for the first two days after your wax. This includes products that contain acids such as glycolic, salicylic and alpha-hydroxy.

3. You can start your exfoliation routine about three days after your wax or when all the redness subsides. 
4.Avoid tight pants or jeans. Opt for loose clothing such as sweats or a dress and cotton panties.
5. Avoid tanning beds and sunbathing for 48 hours.Don’t forget to use sun protection!

6. Opt for a warm shower– not a hot one the evening of your wax and gently wash the area with antibacterial soap. Avoid anything too hot like saunas, steam rooms and hot baths for at least 24 hours
7. Don’t go running off to the gym immediately after your wax. Take the rest of the day off as the perspiration tends to irritate the skin.

After all the anticipation of your first wax treat yourself!!! You did it, so reward yourself with a cupcake, chocolate, or some retail therapy. You might even share your new look with a loved one!